Palac w Wilanowie

The rose garden

The rose garden
lektor Lektor

Who was the rose garden established for?

The rose garden was designed and built by Bolesław Paweł Podczaszyński between 1855 and 1856 by order of August and Aleksandra Potocki, the then owners of the residence in Wilanów. 

What did the garden look like in the times of King Jan III?

In the times of Jan Sobieski the gardens located along both side wings of the palace were entirely different than today; they were fruit and vegetable gardens.  

What was the rose garden created for?

The architect designed an Italian garden of the giardino segreto (Italian: secret garden) type; it was designed as a quiet relaxation place for  the owners of the palace, and therefore it was located in a cosy corner of the Wilanów residence.    

What varieties of roses grow in the garden?

In the garden there are English and French roses known since the 19th century, as well as newer, intensely fragrant varieties, including Bernstein Rose, Bella Epoque, Fresia or Kalmar roses. Their flowers in different hues of orange and yellow harmonize with the colours of the palace, emphasizing the character of the place.   

What sculptures adorn the garden?

The natural beauty of the garden is complemented by architectural and sculptural elements. The fountain located in the centre of the garden is topped with the sculpture Boy with a swan which was made at Karol Minter’s casting plant in Warsaw.

Nearby, there is the restored statue of Victoria from 1858, and at the entrance, on the west side, the allegorical statues representing Agreement, Beekeeping, Agriculture and Fishing  can be seen.