Palac w Wilanowie

Rose garden

Rose garden
lektor Lektor

Current gardens situated along the palace wings look completely different from what they looked like in the 17th century. There used to be fruit and vegetable gardens.The garden near the south wing underwent the largest reconstruction works in the 19th century. It became a type of an Italian garden giardino segreto (secret garden). Its aim was to offer a quiet rest to the palace owner. It was Paweł Podczaszyński that gave it this character. This little flower garden has a very regular and symmetrical structure. It is richly planted with roses and equipped with numerous sculptures alluding to ancient Roman art. In the middle of the fountain there is a sculpture of a boy with a swan which is a clear allusion to ancient times. It was modelled after a work of art by Boethos of Chalcedon, a Greek artist.