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426. Dragonflies – winged predators

426. Dragonflies – winged predators
lektor Lektor

Both as larvae and as adults, dragonflies are predators. The larvae, despite their tiny size, are able to hunt and eat even a small fish. Adult dragonflies hunt for small flying insects, such as mosquitoes or small butterflies. Larger dragonflies sometimes eat smaller ones. Adult dragonflies do not live long – a maximum of up to 8 weeks, and often only 14 days. The larvae, on the other hand, can live in water for as long as seven years! Male dragonflies can often be seen flying over water. The females appear there only for a short time, spending the majority of their lives at the edges of forests, where there are many insects. In flight, dragonflies can develop a speed of up to 10 m/s. They can fly as far as several thousand kilometres without a break!