Palac w Wilanowie

About the museum

Welcome to the palace of Wilanów, a summer residence of King Jan III Sobieski. We would like to invite you both for a walk in its picturesque surrounding and for a visit in its interiors.

The Wilanów residence reflects a harmonious combination of culture and nature which are a point of departure for creating a museum that narrates the story of past and current cultural and natural resources. The most famous creators of Wilanów are the main figures of the story and they include Jan III who lived in the years 1629-1696 and Stanisław Kostka Potocki who lived in the years 1755-1821. We owe the erection of the palace and its baroque character to King Jan, a victorious commander who was a symbol of political, military and cultural success for centuries.

Stanisław Kostka Potocki, a citizen working for the common good, a polymath, an avid art collector, an archaeologist, a critic and an art historian deserves the credit for creating a museum in Wilanów. On 5th August 1805 the interiors of Jan III’s palace with its art collection were opened to public and that moment initiated the tradition of one of the oldest museums in Poland.

Since the early beginnings of the museum, its aim was and it still is to educate the society by means of art and history. The main axis of the stories is genius loci understood not only as an inherited value, but also as a part of our current world, discovered and revived again and again, with its wide range of modern technology, various cultural phenomena and different means of social communication.

Join this story, listen to it intently and contribute to its creation as well. Be our guests and co-originators of the Wilanów Palace Museum.


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